Health Care Tips

Annual Exams - Much like your kids, pets need to visit their doctor once a year, and not just for their shots. While vaccinations are an important part of regular care, annual examination with the veterinarian allow them to be screened for diseases and conditions, and provide you with the best possible information about caring for pet.

Heartworm Prevention -Heartworm disease is an easily preventable, but sometimes fatal condition that is spread by mosquitoes. Merrill Animal Clinic can start your pet on a monthly prevenative treatment to ensure your pet many years of heartworm free life.

Keeping cool in the Florida Sun -Heat stroke is a dangerous condition where body temperature elevates about 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit in cats and 102.0 degrees Fahrenheit in dogs. Please allow adequate shade and/or access to air conditioning for your pets during the months of June - September.

Fleas and Ticks Fleas and ticks are a nuisance and they can cause serious problems, ranging from skin irritations to life threatening diseases. Merrill Animal Clinic can start your Pet on a monthly prevenative treatment to rid your pet of these pesky pests.

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