Feline Care Schedule

See below for a tentative schedule for optimal cat health care, including veterinary services and veterinary care.


Merrill Animal Clinic recommends starting kitten vaccines between 6 and 8 weeks of age and every 2-3 weeks thereafter until 16 weeks. Kittens should be fed kitten food until their first birthday. We strongly recommend kittens and cats be brought in a carrier for their own safety. If you are considering pet insurance for your kitten, it is best to do it while they are young and do not have any preexisting conditions. Ask us if you have any questions about your kitten's behavior or activity! 

Adult Cats

At Merrill Animal Clinic, we believe early detection is key to long and healthy life. We recommend exams annually for a feline friends. We recommend our annual packages are based on your cat's age and lifestyle. All of our annual packages include an exam with one of our veterinarians, a non-adjuvented rabies vaccine, core vaccines, and a fecal test. We strongly suggest all cats be brought in a carrier for their own safety. 

Merrill Animal Clinic offers nail trimming* for a nominal fee. Please call to schedule this appointment! 

*Pets must have current rabies vaccination

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